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RECOVER LOST REVENUE Introducing RevRecover®

VortexT Analytics’ RevRecover® is a denial analytics workflow engine designed to identify issues, allow you to configure a workflow to address them, and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that your process is running efficiently and with accountability.

Maximize Value from the Claim Denial and Appeal Process

By showing our clients where they should focus their efforts and allowing them to build a workflow that fully utilizes their available resources most efficiently, VortexT® brings maximum value to the claim denial and appeal process from Day One.

Analytics Tools to Identify the Problems

Every hospital has a problem with denied claims. But do you know where your problem areas are and how to quantify them? What are your poor performing payer contracts? Do you have issues with a particular service line?

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Design Your Workflow

VortexT® provides a rules-based dispatch process that allows you to focus your most capable appeals coordinators where they can be most effective. VortexT® also supports automated record import for
ADRs (additional development required). We show you the status of every record throughout the process and who are your most effective coordinators.

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Performance Monitoring

The most effective process for denials management will soon be ineffective without constant performance monitoring and process adjustment. We show you just how effective your processes and our system are and allow you to tweak the workflows as needed to ensure you are always getting the most return on your investment.

Manage ADRs and MIRs

The VortexT® data aggregation engine allows you to manage the process for working ADRs and MIRS (medical information requests) – from request to
fulfillment to results and through any subsequent audits and/or appeals. With full accountability and the power of VortexT® structured and unstructured data search tools, we streamline the process and make it as seamless as possible.

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