RevInsights™: Don’t just manage revenue cycles: maximize them.

MAKE YOUR DATA WORK FOR YOU Introducing RevInsights®

Our revolutionary tool, RevInsights®, collects and analyzes your healthcare data in one easy-to-use platform. With our rules engine and patented technology, you can find lost revenue and prevent future claim denials.

Don’t just manage revenue cycles: maximize them.

Discover the Why

Learn the root causes of claim denials by comparing data from all of the sources you use in one place. See the numbers in configurable views that make sense. Search across structured and unstructured clinical and financial data simultaneously to spot trends and error origins.

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Identify Opportunities

Use the patterns in your healthcare data to pinpoint operational shortcomings. Uncover opportunities for improvement in operational processes and in patient care. Compare denial patterns and time to payment by payer and other dimensions to understand why denials occur.

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Streamline Operations

Leverage the relationships in your data to prevent future claim denials and reduce the length of your revenue cycle. See counts, dollars, and percentages, and use custom search terms to get control of your claims processes.

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