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Better Information Drives Better Results

We believe hospitals, clinics, and physicians make better operational and financial decisions, and have better clinical outcomes, when they have the right information.

Today, it is important to have actionable information that allows you to engage physicians and patients in a meaningful way. Physicians control nearly 100% of all healthcare spending, yet only receive 16% of the total, while five percent of their patients account for 50% of the total costs.

VortexT® can drive change to those dynamics by providing a robust analytics platform that helps you manage:

  • Cost & utilization
  • Quality
  • Prevention
  • Population health
  • Patient behaviors
  • Provider performance

Return on Investment

As a client, you get the information and insight necessary to help you manage costs, maximize your reimbursements and drive performance and quality. Your return on investment is continuously validated through advanced predictive modeling, benchmarking, outcomes tracking, on-demand reporting and an optimized care delivery process.

Rapid Realization of Value

VortexT Analytics’ HIPAA compliant, secure, cloud-based ingestion engine consumes your data, from multiple sources. We structure the data for you and produce clear, concise reporting and actionable analysis at the click of a mouse, through our best-of-breed portal. Our hosted, SaaS delivery model means minimal IT resources are required and a very rapid speed-to-value realization.

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