Mastering Complexity in Healthcare Data

See Your Blind Spots

The Problem

Denied claims cost healthcare organizations billions of dollars in lost revenue each year, costing them around 5% of net revenue. Often the cause of denials is hidden deep in unstructured data such as operative notes and discharge summaries. Targeting the root cause is complex, time consuming and requires access to vast amounts of data across disparate systems.

The Solution

Trending and Predicting
Trend & Predict
Today's findings become tomorrow's predictions.
Turning unstructured data into actionable solutions
Discover actionable information from unstructured data.
Trending and Predicting
Learn from Hidden Relationships
Facilitate root cause analysis.

Vortext Analytics analyzes structured and unstructured data to identify why denials occur. See trends and patterns in complex data; compare denial patterns and time to payment by payor and other dimensions; conceptually search data; and cluster complex denial information to understand why denials occur.

How can Vortext Analytics help your organization?

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Features & Benefits

Early Warning Dashboards

See and react to opportunities for improvement before they become a problem. Prevention outweighs appeals. Identify denied claims before they occur.


Differentiation Analysis
Discover the root cause of denials by clustering claims and visualizing the relationships between them to discover why they occur. Powerful multidimensional word, cluster, and category analysis capabilities expose hidden patterns in large data sets, both structured and unstructured, and provide the flexibility to visualize the data from any perspective.

Early Warning Dashboards

Conceptually search across both clinical and financial data to spot trends, research specific items and support corrective actions.